Coaching al Mare

On a quest to find your inner light

Blue Green Nature

The scent of salt in your nose, the gentle embrace of a sea breeze on your skin and the reddish-brown rocks in front of you: the mix of blue green nature invites you to come back to your own nature and authenticity.

On a quest, we take nature as a mirror. We decide what to let go and what to embrace as new. This ancient practice initiates a new understanding of yourself, of wholeness and evolutionary purpose*. The passages here, at the sea side, are designed to equip you with an empowered heart.**

Hey, I am Rike,

do you like to empower yourself and others? 
Then this is for you: get ready for a 3 days 
1:1 Coaching at beautiful spots along the coasts of Sicily, Malta, Crete or the Algarve Portugal.


Dolce vita meets arabic influence


Culture mix and mediterranien life style

Algarve Portugal

From sweet to rough: on the fishermen's trail


The biggest of the mediterranian island

True strength comes from inner work

True transformation comes from within. Would you like to understand why you are here and how to invite transformation? Embark on a quest for inner work, based on emotional intelligence and THE EMPOWERED HEART  Methodology**, combined with Frédéric Laloux's approach to redesigning organizations towards TEAL* and curated approaches of inner wisdom. 

Rike Bucher

my base is Berlin, my home is where the heart is

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